Taming the Toys: The Day We Took the Toys Away (Part 1)

Toys. If you have kids, you have toys. Toys to help them play, learn, and stay entertained. Toys coming in from birthdays, holidays, and that last trip to the toy store. But do all these things really serve their intended purpose? Does having more toys make for a happier child?

I don’t think so. And for some time now, I have known that we have far too many toys. Many of these toys have turned from a blessing into a curse for our family. Instead of getting played with, they get tripped over. They are angrily thrown across the room when they are in the way. Or, in the case of those toys with many pieces, they are dumped for nothing more than the sake of dumping, never even to be played with.

Toys have been an area of growing frustration with me for some time. And it’s not just the mess. It is the lack of respect my boys seem to have for their toys. I was picking up the same toys several times a day, only to watch my children making a mess in another room while I worked.

Finally I had enough. I asked my husband to bring my laundry baskets upstairs. And we took the toys away. We packed them into those laundry baskets and down to the basement they went.

It felt great. I could see my carpet again. But to be quite honest, that was as far ahead as I had thought. I didn’t really know where we were going to go from there. Was I going to have a mutiny of angry and bored children on my hands? All I knew was that my boys needed to learn more care and respect for their toys and this is how we were going to begin. I was also looking forward to reclaiming our living spaces, which had become so overtaken with toys, we had a hard time using the space as a family.

What happened next was far from what I would have expected. It taught me something about not only how to manage all that stuff but something about my family as well.

Join me next time when I share how my kids reacted to this change!

3 thoughts on “Taming the Toys: The Day We Took the Toys Away (Part 1)

    • Thanks Amanda! Just box up some of them and see what happens. It was SO worth it for us. I don’t think I’ll get most of them back up. It’s amazing to me they aren’t even asking for things. Shows you how much the toys really meant to them :)

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