Celebrating Easter With Your Kids


Holy Week is here! I cannot believe that this Sunday we will once again be celebrating Easter. This year we kept Lent simple. We are doing the same with Holy Week and Easter. Little ones get distracted easily. With my delegation of kids all being under the age of five, I wanted to keep our Easter message focused.

On Easter we celebrate Jesus. We celebrate his life. We celebrate his death on the cross. We celebrate that because of this sacrifice we are given eternal life with Him in Heaven. Jesus, as God’s Son, is the only one who could ever give us this amazingly special gift and for that we thank Him and sing His praises every day.

I don’t want any craft, any fancy project to take away from this important message. When my kids get a little older, I can see wanting to add some other items into our celebrations, but for this year, I wanted to keep it simple.

During our Morning Bible Time we read Lutheran Hour Ministries Lenten Devotions. We also worked on two new hymns. All Glory, Laud, and Honor (LSB 442) and Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (LSB 463).

Because our Lenten Church Services start at the time Joel and Caleb are usually in bed, they have not been attending mid-week service. Josh and I have been alternating taking Noah. It has really been a nice experience. We are able to sit towards the front (something we cannot do with twin toddlers in tow). Noah has been more focused. He asks more questions and seems to listen to more of the service. It has been a nice time to worship together (but I am looking forward to next year when the whole family can attend together).

So that is how we are celebrating Easter with our kids. Keeping it simple and keeping it focused where it should be – with our eyes fixed upon Jesus and the Cross.

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  1. Hi Marie and Josh! I love your posts, letting everyone know about the family, esp. those 3 darling boys! I enjoyed reading about your Easter celebration this year, too. You guys are great parents — focusing on the true importance of Easter. So many times, kids only know about bunnies and candy, which is so sad. Good for you! Love, Aunt Chris and Uncle Ron

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