about us

As pros working in the home building and remodeling industry, we are often asked, what would you do if it was your home? Here, we answer that question and so much more as we share our custom home building adventure for our family of three.

Angie is an interior designer and has been the owner of Angie Schwab Interiors since 2004. Brent owns and operates H&R Carpets and Flooring, Inc. We have both been interested in all things house and home from a very young age. THIS house, OUR house, is a culmination of those combined 40 plus years of experience and love for Home.

Even though we do feel a sense of this project fulfilling our hopes and dreams, it somehow feels overstated to call this our dream house. To us, this house is our ideal house. It’s exactly as it should be for our family of three.

We look forward to sharing our triumphs, tribulations, tough decisions and fun (we promise - there will be lots of fun!)  We cannot wait to share our journey with you.  We hope that by sharing our professional knowledge and personal experience with you, you will be a little more prepared when you decide to navigate your home projects.  Thanks for joining us!


Angie Schwab Interiors offers a personalized service to help you customize your interiors according to your specific style. Our design process starts with the most essential principal; understanding your needs. Your needs will be translated into beautiful interiors that reflect your personal style and function. We offer both in-home consultation and e-design. Click here to learn more about e-design.

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H&R carpets is a full-service flooring store located in Waunakee Wisconsin. We serve homeowners from the do-it-yourselfer to the I-have-no-idea-how. Fortunately, we offer complimentary interior design service to all of our customers. We will help you make sure that you are making the best selection for your style and budget. We will help you choose quality at a great price. Follow that up with installation by craftsman and you have a floor that will stay looking good for a long time.

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