#26 Doggie Design

Okay pet lovers, here's what we did to accommodate our fur baby. Meet Toby. He's a 6 year old yellow lab and he's suchagoodboy! 



Toby's food is kept in the mud room. We have tile floor in there which is great for easy clean up when he splashes water all over when drinking his water. The cabinets in there have a higher toe kick than normal. This allows us to scoot Toby’s dishes under the cabinets. We also like having the extra under cabinet floor space for shoes and packages.


We kept his food container in mind when designing the closet. We wanted it sit on the floor but have plenty of room above it to take the lid off and get a cup scooped out with ease. These are things we do twice a day every day so we wanted to be easy peasy.

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We're lucky to have such a big yard but we had visions of last minute poo clean up before letting our daughter and her friends roam free so we have a designated area for Toby to go to the bathroom. We hope this also prevents dead spots in the grass. Of course there's a bit of training involved and it was all going so well until the sprinklers came. Once the lawn came in and the sprinklers went away - he’s back on track!  



Toby is a mama's boy so he usually sleeps in the master bedroom on his bed. He usually spends his days with with Angie as well. Curled up watching her work. Sometimes he sleeps in our daughter's room and on those nights we slide his bed into her room. It's a pretty flexible arrangement.

photos by: Beth Skogen

photos by: Beth Skogen


We kept things pretty basic for the old Tobster but there are some super fun design ideas for your furry pet. Check out our pinterest folder if you want more inspiration!

Some of Toby’s (and our) Favorites

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