#37 Bedding Tips

Today we want to share with you two quick and easy ways to spruce up your bedroom, without spending a fortune. Our simple tips will not only make your bedroom look better, your bed making ritual will be a breeze from now on. If you aren’t bed-making people now (we won’t judge) you might even start after you realize how effortless the process becomes.


Tip #1: An extra duvet or comforter.

A bed is inevitably going to be the focal point of the bedroom, so it is crucial that looks as pretty as it is functional.  One of the most simple, yet amazing, ways you can transform your bedroom is by adding a 2nd duvet or comforter.  The top duvet can come in handy on chilly winter nights, or can be folded over at the foot of the bed when it is not needed. It really is one of the most perfect bedroom accessories.

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 Tip #2: A structured row of pillows

Pillows are essential in order to create volume and interest on the bed, even in the most minimalist spaces. They add dimension and structure along the headboard and keep the bed looking organized (assuming you will keep them straightened). At night, you can toss the decorative pillows in an over-sized floor basket or stack them on a bench at the foot of the bed.

We wanted to keep our bedding really simple in our Master Bedroom, so we wouldn’t dread making the bed every morning. We also wanted our bed to look well-designed and substantial enough so that it balanced the weight of the art, mirrors, and headboard. We used two down comforters to create the necessary volume, and we ended up with an easy to make bed. Now we can just pull up the top comforter every morning (we fold it over at the foot of the bed at night) and straighten up the pillows. Viola!

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For our daughter’s room, we purchased a quilt from Pottery Barn Kids. With the quilt over her sheets, I noticed that her bed just looked flat. It didn’t have the same inviting feel that our bed had. I added a down comforter under the quilt and it made a HUGE difference. The difference is more noticeable in person but here are some “before + after” pictures.

Without the down comforter, the bed looks flat and uninviting

Without the down comforter, the bed looks flat and uninviting

Adding a down comforter under the quilt makes a huge difference

Adding a down comforter under the quilt makes a huge difference

Having an additional blanket will help keep her quilt looking nice for a longer period of time. Similar to our bed, I kept the decorative pillows to a minimum so making it in the morning is easy-peasy.