#32 Backyard Views

2018 11 17 (28).JPG

Brent is bundled up tight in a blanket lined chore coat with insulated leather gloves. It’s a beautiful crisp late fall morning after a fresh blanket of snow has fallen. He’s riding a trusted companion across a field while double checking the fence lines for any issues that might have occurred during the summer. He’s listening to the honking of the V's of geese flying south for the winter. In the distanance, cattle are mooing their displeasure to make sure that you know hay stores have dwindled and it's time to replenish them with another round bale. Sounds like a perfect story from a ranch just outside Bozeman Montana or.... 100 yds from Home in the Heartland?

Like some of you know, the property we purchased is within whistling distance from where Brent keeps his horse. He is happy to prove to this to our visitors by standing on the screen porch and erupting with a high pitched whistle to see the ears on his horse perk up on the pasture just north of our property line. Even more proof is the ability, when the last of the farmers crops have been brought in for the year, to ride out in the middle of the field across the back windows of our house. Picturesque and another reason we love our "Home in the Heartland."