#22 Solid Gold - Coordinating finishes

It's true, brass is back.

You might be thinking..."but I just got rid of the shiny brass in my house!" As with most trends, this resurgence is being done differently. A more matte finish with more modern lines is what we're seeing this time around. Honestly, I am loving it. It's such a beautiful compliment to grey and it adds a touch of warmth to any room. 

home in the heartland kitchen brass.JPG

Coordinating the brass finishes in the various fixtures was tricky. The variety of options out there is extensive. There is brass finishes with orange tones and very yellow tones. There is matte brass and polished brass. Finding a style I loved in the right color and finish was a bit of a challenge.

My first pick was the light sconce from School House Electric. I enjoy the hand crafted classic look, the interesting Edison style bulb on display through the clear glass, and the adjustable arm.  I like them so much, I added two more on the staircase wall.

For the cabinet knobs and pulls, the size of the wall cabinet doors required something more substantial than a round knob but I dind't want to put a large pull on the doors. This linear knob style from Emtek is the perfect compromise. The drawer fronts, on the other hand, called for some long pulls. the shape of these coordinating pulls is simple yet substantial.

More practical considerations were needed when selecting the faucet. This faucet from Delta has the Touch2O technology allowing you to lightly tap the neck of the faucet for instant flow. I love how this keeps the water drips off of the countertop and the dirty hands off of the handle. The faucet has a few more curves than the sconce and pulls. I like how this will relate to some of the other elements in the room that aren't so modern. 

The brass finish available in this style was limited and although the shade of gold is a bit different on all three of these fixtures, the combination is working.


These brass fixtures are nice but including more accessories in brass will enhance the effect even more. Some decorative brass bowls are on display in the glass cabinets and another on the countertop. Lamps and other brass accessories will continue to be used in the dining room and family room.


Sometimes going back to a trend that I grew up with is hard but with brass, the style is so different and the mix of metals allows it to be interesting and not overpowering. I'm really excited about this "new" trend.

Here's a little more inspiration for gold finishes: