#20 Exterior Details

We're getting down to adding the final details to the exterior. One of the many decisions we need to make yet involves the flower boxes planned for under the windows. Should the color be black or brown?

My designer instincts are leaning me towards repeating the brown from the garage doors in order to create balance. We are considering black as well because of the continuity it would have with the shutters. The brown can be brought in with a fence or landscape. We had some images made of the options to confirm.

A view of the final selections

A view of the final selections

And the winner is...

After looking things over, we decided to stick with the brown. We really like how the brown adds warmth to the white and black. It also adds a touch of rustic which we like very much. we can't wait to see that pink wall by the front door turn to stone in the next week or two.


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#2 Architectural Style

After settling on a location, we started looking for inspiration for both the design and style of our future home. We pulled inspiration from our community, the site itself, and from our own experiences. We looked at roof lines, doors, windows, shutters, stone, siding, and so much more! We often found ourselves interested in simple lines and neutral colors. This love for simplicity as well as the country location lead us to this farmhouse style. Below is a curated collection of images to inspire the selection of exterior colors and materials. 


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We started with crisp white windows and siding. We added black in the roof, door, and shutters for high contrast. The roof will be a combination of metal and asphalt shingles. To warm things up a bit, brown will be used for the garage doors, flower boxes, and pillars on the front porch. Stone with just the right texture will serve as the focal point around the entrance to our home. 



The moods these images evoke for us are comfort and simplicity. For us, home is a place for connection. It is the place that we escape to at the end of our work days and a place where we embrace the love and laughter of our friends and family. We want our home to encourage informality and authenticity. We want visitors to feel welcome and at-home.