#12 Heated Bathroom Floors

So for the MOST part, we're keeping our master bathroom simple and efficient but we can't resist a little bit of luxury when it comes to the floor. What is our biggest objection to having tile in a bathroom? "Oh, it's so cold on my feet!!" Welcome to the world of Schluter Ditra Heat. Every tile floor needs some type of additional subfloor or membrane system to make sure there is enough structure under the floor. It's necessary so that the grout and tile doesn't crack, split, or fall apart. So, if we have to put it in anyway, why not throw a warming system inside of it?!

Schluter Ditra Heat

Schluter Ditra Heat

Schluter has made Ditra for years. It is an uncoupling membrane for tile floors. Now they have taken that extremely useful tech and re-engineered it to allow a heating cable to be run through the floor. It takes a complete step out of an electric heated floor system. Innovative! Now, it is not meant to heat an area, just take the chill off the floor. But, in an enclosed space like a bathroom, it inevitably heats up the room.


Added is a touchscreen programmable digital thermostat with 6 different programming periods per day. We can customize when our heat is on or off according to our schedule. We get beautiful tile floors and no more, "oh, it's so cold on my feet!!"