Moving Day!

Whew... moving is hard work! We're getting more settled as the days go by and LOVING our new digs!


Construction is behind schedule so the contractors worked hard to get us a temporary occupancy permit. We sold our previous home and we needed to move! There is still some interior work to be done and lots of exterior work to be done. We appreciate not having to move to a temporary home though.

Here's a gallery of pictures taken by Liz Schaefer just as we're starting to move our things in.

A special thank you to all of our heavy lifters and packers - you guys rocked! 

We can't wait to share more pictures of our home after each room is completed. Our daughter settled right into the art room. It has one of the best views in the home!

#17 Tile Progress

For the past two weeks, the finish carpenter, painter, and flooring installers have been hard at work adding the interior finishes we've selected. It is really satisfying to see the finishes installed. The flooring is near and dear to our hearts so we'd love to share some information about the installation products and techniques.

Even if reading about tile installation technique is not your jam, we hope to convey the layered and detailed nature of tile installation. These installers are true professionals and we're so proud of their work!

2018 2 28 (2).JPG

To keep our toes warm in the bathroom, we're installing the Schluter Ditra Heat for both bathroom floors. Here is a picture of the Ditra Heat Mat installation. The orange mat has to be mortared down to the 3/4" subfloor using a polymer modified mortar.

2018 2 28 (3).JPG

Making sure to get good adherence is important so the installers roll it with 100lb roller and then go along the edges with a grout float to make sure it is securely in the mortar.

Floor Progress (3).JPG

One of the cool things about the Schluter Ditra Heat system is that the resistance wire (aka: heat source) clips right into the mat. Even cooler is that the spacing is set by the mat making it easy peasy to space properly. Three rows apart just like the picture. The cable gets tested before and after installation to make sure that it is still in top shape and wasn't damaged during the installation process.

Floor Progress (4).JPG

Because we weren't immediately installing the tile, the installers back buttered the entire floor with mortar to protect the cable and make it easier to snap lines for the actual tile installation. This is the blank canvas for the installer to plan out the tile pattern.

h&r carpets tile installation.JPG

This picture shows a very important tool our tile installers use. Believe it or not, tile is not flat and is not always square either. These orange wedges and clips are a tile leveling system by Raimondi Industries. This system helps make installations as perfect as possible by maintaining spacing between tiles and bending the tiles to make the floor as flat as possible. Extremely cool technology that has been developed to accommodate installations with plank and large format tiles.

Main Bath Tile Floor Home in the Heartland.JPG

After the mortar dries, the wedges are broken off which breaks the clip at the bottom of the tile and leaves a perfect line for grouting.

home in the heartland h&r carpets tile selection.JPG

This is the wall tile we selected for around the tub. It is called Artigiano from Dal Tile. It's an extremely beautiful tile that can be used on walls. Notice the jagged edge giving the appearance of a handmade fire kilned tile. The tile surface is not flat which adds some additional interest.

Before installation the installer met with us to discuss the tile spacing. He pointed out that because of the irregularity, you can stack these tiles on top of each other.

h&r carpets tile installer.JPG

The tile installer also pointed out that the bullnose (piece on the end with a rounded edge) could line up with two rows of tile if stacked on top of each other. We like things to line up whenever possible. We very much appreciated his input!

Notice on the walls behind our installer is more orange product from Schluter. That product is Kerdi and it is designed to water proof the wall so that no water ever penetrates the tub surround. We are using it in our custom shower as well. The Kerdi system by Schluter provides niches like the one on the right wall to hold shampoo and soap. It also offers benches and other products that you would want in water proof in a custom shower.

home in the heartland tile wall.JPG

Oh my, do we LOVE this tile! Even surrounded by the in-progress mess - it shines bright! Go to our Shop Our House page to learn more about the products we're using in this bathroom and check back to see more progress.

#16 Wood Flooring

We can't wait to tell you about the wood floor we selected. It's this amazing product by Lauzon and get IMPROVES the air quality in your house! Brent explains it all in the video below.

The sample Brent is holding is the actual color we picked. There is so much we like about it and there are so many reasons why this is "the one."

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 6.17.25 PM.png

We love the color! The brown will add warmth to our home and the undertones of grey will complement our other selections nicely. The wire brushed texture combined with the satin finish keeps the floor on trend. We like that it is oak. Oak is known for being a strong and durable wood. We also like that this floor can be sanded down and refinished in the future. It's hard to think that far in advance (especially when everything is brand new) but, we know our preferences will change and want to be prepared.

The wood floor will go in our kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, and master bedroom. We can't wait to see how this improves the indoor air quality of our house. This is truly fascinating technology for the flooring industry!

#12 Heated Bathroom Floors

So for the MOST part, we're keeping our master bathroom simple and efficient but we can't resist a little bit of luxury when it comes to the floor. What is our biggest objection to having tile in a bathroom? "Oh, it's so cold on my feet!!" Welcome to the world of Schluter Ditra Heat. Every tile floor needs some type of additional subfloor or membrane system to make sure there is enough structure under the floor. It's necessary so that the grout and tile doesn't crack, split, or fall apart. So, if we have to put it in anyway, why not throw a warming system inside of it?!

Schluter Ditra Heat

Schluter Ditra Heat

Schluter has made Ditra for years. It is an uncoupling membrane for tile floors. Now they have taken that extremely useful tech and re-engineered it to allow a heating cable to be run through the floor. It takes a complete step out of an electric heated floor system. Innovative! Now, it is not meant to heat an area, just take the chill off the floor. But, in an enclosed space like a bathroom, it inevitably heats up the room.


Added is a touchscreen programmable digital thermostat with 6 different programming periods per day. We can customize when our heat is on or off according to our schedule. We get beautiful tile floors and no more, "oh, it's so cold on my feet!!"